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Je voulais partager avec vous une galerie

de magnifiques graffs, collages et dessins

que j'ai eu la chance de découvrir au cours

de mes voyages. Pour certains d'entre eux,

je ne connais pas l'artiste à l'origine de l'oeuvre. N'hésitez pas à m'écrire si vous connaissez l'artiste !

A gallery of wonderful and inspiring graffitis, collages, drawings I've been so lucky

to discover during my travels.

For some of them, I do not know the artist.

Do not hesitate if you want to help me identify one or more of them! Thanks in advance! 

"All I need is one mic..."

Nas portrait,

unknown artist,

5 Pointz, New York,

May 2011

"It was all a dream..."

Notorious Big portrait, unknown artist,

5 Pointz, New York, May 2011


"L’abîme en soi"

unknown artist,

Montréal, October 2017


Master Yoda !

unknown artist,


November 2015


"Do it the heart way"

by O'Malley,

Lyon, France, September 2016 


Underpass Park

unknown artist,


septembre 2017


The flamingo !


unknown artist,

Chambéry, France,

juillet 2014 

"This eye..."

by Angge Lorente

Metro Manila, Philippines,

octobre 2016

It was just around midnight. We were coming back from Mike and his band’s Miko Swabe show. After a little walk, we crossed this powerful eye... it looked so real !


"The Panda of Galata"

by Leo Lunatic,


mai 2014

 Les Puces

de Clignancourt

by Alex & Seyb,

Saint-Ouen, France

mai 2013

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